Batch file to find Windows Version (XP or 7)

I had a need to find which version of Windows I’d be running a script against to install a version specific app (Windows Security Essentials).  My version ONLY detects XP or 7, I used a few sites that gave me the idea on how to make the batch file.


Here’s my batch file:  find_winver_xp_or_7_ver.bat

Note that I only needed to know which version XP or 7 so I didn’t care about Vista, 2000, etc and I didn’t care (at least not yet) if it’s 64 bit vs 32 bit since all the stuff I’m currently using this for is 32 bit :p (You’re NOW in luck, I did need architecture stuff and posted my batch file doing so here:  Link)

Let me know if this helps you – one person on the second link said he needed to have the same script but I think he neglected to post it anywhere…what’s up with that (Music from Saturday Night Live Song Play Now – “What’s up wit dat, what’s up wit dat…”)?

I can post my longer batch file if anyone’s interested that uninstalls Windows Defender, installs Windows Security Essentials and imports some Windows Security Essentials settings.