BIOS key for a Lenovo Ideapad



This is from my comment to a douche named Justin, most agree so yeah, we’re all cyber bully’s now.  I left my original post in tact for historical purposes.

The novo button is the far left most button on your poorly engineered laptop, you know…where you usually rest your left palm down (if you have two hands) – under that but on the “front” of the laptop. You’d need to tilt your laptop up to see it I’m sure. It might actually say “Novo”, not sure since I don’t own the unit. You power it on, then click, hit or press that button I guess – not sure what the screen looks like.

Page 12 in the PDF but page 16 if you’re using your PDF reader:

Original post below:

One of the dumbest things I’ve seen of late is a Lenovo Ideapad Yoga 13 with Windows 8 on it.  You know how Windows 8 boots so “fast”?  They trick you into thinking the system is “shut down”, even when you click the dumb gear icon > then click “power” > then click “shut down” IT DOESN’T REALLY SHUT DOWN!!!

It kind of goes into a hibernation mode.  Guess what this does then on boot up?  IT DOESN’T SHOW YOU THE F2 or F12 OPTION to get into the BIOS.  What happened to good engineering?  What you need to do then…and this is the dumb part…is…drum roll please…

Hold the power button down until the ideapad, laptop, paperweight, whatever actually shuts off.  Doing this in my opinion is horribly dumb because it’s like pulling the power plug on your system.  At any rate…hold down the power button (yes, Windows will “turn on” or rather…wake up) and continue holding down the power button UNTIL the ideapad shuts power off.  THEN power it back on and you will then and ONLY then see the F2 (setup) and F12 (boot options) menu’s.  Furthermore…don’t forget to hit the orange “FN” key so your function keys actually work!

Another trend in laptop design that’s going in the wrong direction…getting rid of the function keys!  I think I saw some Chromebooks in the store recently that got rid of the function keys altogether.  What is the world coming to if we have no function keys!?  :-)