Quick note here on a Dokuwiki error I encountered.

I was getting and “undefined function()” error on line 13 in this file when upgrading Dokuwiki, it was a bit irritating because nobody else had the fix BUT I figured I’d give commenting out the line a shot ;-)

Those lines are in the file:  /var/www/doku/lib/tpl/dokuwiki/main.php

13 $hasSidebar = page_findnearest($conf[‘sidebar’]);
14 $showSidebar = $hasSidebar && ($ACT==’show’);

So, nano main.php

Then change your file to this:

“/** $hasSidebar = page_findnearest($conf[‘sidebar’]);
$showSidebar = $hasSidebar && ($ACT==’show’); */”

The /** and */ will comment out in this example <– the “and” so doing that in the main.php gets rid of the undefined function because we take the function out of their code :-)

Not sure what effect this might have on the functionality of the wiki BUT it seems OK, I’m not on the Dokuwiki team, I’m only hack :P

Good luck and definitely let me know if this helped you out.

Dokuwiki version: 2012-10-13