I had a heck of a time downloading this because it seems that Microsoft doesn’t like to put it out there anymore (i.e. it’s not available for download and it’s “hidden”).  The most annoying thing is, instead of them saying “Sorry download no longer availble – try one of these newer sexier better sweeter more bodacious versions or else!” they just slap it in your face without ANY apology.  The more I looked the more I kept getting slapped in the face…how frustrating!  I’m surely over reacting  :)

After following these instructions from Aaron Stebner on an MSDN blog for creating a network install point:  Link

…I figured I’d wrap that up and distribute it for the masses as a torrent.  One mans frustration is anther mans…well, whatever it is you’ll be much happier knowing you won’t get slapped in the face by broken M$ links, endless download loops and Internet frustration <–can I coin that now or is that taken?

Download the torrent and start enjoying life again:  Download Visual Basic Express 2005 Network Install – HERE till I can get the torrent working properly :P –> Download