The Sharp AR-M237 or other Sharp models might give you a bit of grief if you use Linux or use a Linux CUPS print server with the pleasant error “PostScript printing not licensed for this printer” printed on the page from a Windows host.  I was trying to print both from an Ubuntu Linux host and print from Windows via the CUPS print server on a Linux host.

How do you fix it?  I bet you can’t WAIT for the fix right?  :)

Linux Hosts:

I did search a bit on this one and I came up with a fix for the Linux host but I forgot where I found the reference (sorry to my source).  From your Linux host do this – instead of picking the actual Sharp driver for Ubuntu slide up to Generic category and try using a PCL 5x or 6x driver (x standing for any version of the number, example 5e, etc) then select “Generic PCL…CUPS+Gutenprint…Simplified…”, it’s the (recommended) option.

Now your Linux host shouldn’t have a problem printing to the Sharp!


So – if you have a CUPS print server you’ll need to do something slightly different.  For your driver you want to stick to the Generic category but pick “Generic GDI Printer Foomatic/gdi“.  Your Linux host will NOT be able to print itself but it will act as the proper conduit for a Windows GDI print driver from Sharp or the other Sharp PCL drivers.

Note:  I’ve had some luck using a web gui for CUPS / SAMBA called SWAT, check it out – you might like it!