So you’re having a problem restoring a CloneZilla disk image via SSH / SFTP server eh?  Well you’re in for a treat!  If this helped you why not toss me a $5’er via my PayPal?

The fix:

Look at your SSH server users home directory.  If you have your “image” which is usually in a FOLDER you need to NOT make your home directory on your SSH server the folder with the image in it.

For example:  If your image is in a path and folder called:  C:\Temp\xp.2017-03-01-14-img <– in that directory you may have gz files or other “img” types of files including text files, etc…lots of stuff most likely.

If you have your home folder set at this: C:\Temp\xp.2017-03-01-14-img – CloneZilla looks for DIRECTORIES inside of there that have files and THUS – since there are NO directories inside of the xp.2017…folder, IT WILL ERROR!

Now, if you make your home directory “C:\Temp” CloneZilla FIND the directory named:  xp.2017-03-01-14-img <– THEN IT WORKS!

So all you SSH’ers…make sure your home directory on your ssh server is set to where your FOLDER is but not that folder WITH THE IMAGE in it!

If you’re on Linux your home folder might be something like: /home/$youruserhere$/some_sub_dir

* Since Linux users are usually pimpin power users of systems I assume most of what I’m saying makes total sense but if you’re a Windows derp you might need some hand holding :P


As a side in my use case I forgot my stupid USB disk that had the image on it for the machine I was restoring BUT there was a copy of it on a Windows machine (not domain connected).  The easiest thing was to stand up a Windows based SSH server on that PC with the image of it (hence my example of a home directory as a Winderps path) and I found a great one after slugging through a few losers programs.  Rebex has a great, simple to use Windows based SSH server:

Make sure to read the “readme” file they provide and you can edit the .conf file in notepad (but the defaults are great beside the path to your image folder).  Default user and pass is:  tester and password.  Perfect for my short term use!  Be sure to set your home path properly <– can’t stress this enough obviously!

This actually took me about an hour to figure out AND nobody and I mean NOBODY on the forums properly answered this question (IMHO).