I needed to merge 2 PDF files and found two cool methods of doing so.

GhostScript available here –> Link

GhostFriend available here –> Link

If you’re going to use GhostFriend you need GhostScript anyway.  Once you install GhostScript you can simply merge your PDF’s via the command line.


gswin32c.exe -sDEVICE=pdfwrite -dQUIET-dNOPAUSE -dBATCH -sOutputFile=YourMerged.pdf 1st.pdf 2nd.pdf 3rd.pdf

* Note:  gswin32c.exe is found in the BIN folder wherever you install GhostScript and the “1st.pdf, etc” section above are the PDF’s you want to merge, the 1st being the first in the file and so on…
* Note:  You can also use a full path for your PDF like this …-sOutputFile=YourMerged.pdf “c:\temp\1st.pdf”, etc, etc…


GhostFriend needs a few files to work (I copied 4 but I’m not sure it needs all of them).  I copied this list of files from the GhostScript BIN folder to the folder with GhostFriend in it.  GhostFriend doesn’t install – it’s just and executable which is nice because if you’re not an administrator or power user on your PC you can use it without the blessing of your IT Staff :)

File List to copy into the GhostFriend directory:

  • gswin32c.exe
  • gswin32.exe
  • gsdll32.lib
  • gsdll32.dll

Once you do that simply double click “GhostFriend.exe” and you have a BRILLIANT gui to help you merge your PDF’s via GhostScript.