* Update – MSIzap has been “discontinued” by M$.  You can use their new Program Install and Uninstall Troubleshooter <– here.  I’d recommend it, running MSIzap on Vista or 7 WILL in fact mess things up worse!  It’ snot advised.

After looking on the web and getting NO answers I finally bumped into an M$ article on the subject –> Here.  It was helpful so check it out if you have questions or ask me!  I’m finding searching the Internet for solutions these days a daunting task so hopefully some search engine will find this worthy and move it to the top of their list.

MSIZAP – first, get it from the link below…this is version2 of MSIZAP and includes both the 32 bit and 64 bit versions, just read the “readme.txt” file in the archive for more details.  The MSIZAP.EXE is the 32 bit one, I renamed the MSIZAPU.EXE to just MSIZAP.EXE.  For your computing pleasure the GUI is also included ;-)

Download MSIZAP.EXE –> Here

I experimented with 7 zip’s MSI –> Here, extracted to “C:\Temp”.  Install it, open Add/Remove Programs in your Control Panel, make sure it’s installed.  After you confirm it’s installed you can then run this command to see what it does.  Open a command prompt, start > run > cmd > enter > cd \ > cd temp > type in the following and press enter:

msizap TPSWMG! “C:\temp\7z465.msi” > c:\temp\7zip.log

or what you’ll need to do is find the MSI package in your installer cache “C:\Windows\Installer\whatevermsi.msi”

msizap TPS! “C:\windows\installer\e85e2799.msi” > c:\temp\7zip.log

* Be sure to have all the exe’s in the same folder, I used “c:\temp”, my command prompt would be “c:\temp\msizp TPS!…etc”, I’m also not sure if 7zip’s installer cache ends up being e85e2799.msi for all installs but if it’s the same for you then it is, let me know!

Review your log, my logs did say it failed to clear all items but I think it’s good enough for government work!  Is a Windows system or any system for that matter really ever 100 percent clean?  I think anyone with an ounce of experience will tell you truthfully it’s no!  The end result will be the package being blown away (i.e. zapped!), it shouldn’t show up in the registry or the Control Panel’s Add/Remove Programs.  I’m still experimenting with the process but I thought it valuable to have some clarity with the command syntax and thanks to M$’s command help page I found we can all benefit.