OpenFire Web Chat confusion abounds online.  It drives me FREAKING CRAZY all the incompetence online lately and when I search for stuff I have to thread bits and pieces I find into a workable tapestry that THEN works.

It is taking all my strength not to %&*#*’ing swear and lose all “professionalism” as it makes me feel better!!!


So you installed Ignite Realtime Chat and now what?  My reference to get started was this blog: – not quite what I needed since any sane person setting up a server wouldn’t put a desktop on it nor would you access it then from a local host address.  It was a good start though and I got the JDK install string from them so eah, I’ll throw them a bone.


Install Ubuntu Linux LTS 14.xx

Install JDK (Java):  apt-get install openjdk-7-jre

Go here and download the .deb file for Debian – Ubuntu is based on Debian:

Note you can also do like I do and make a temp directory, I have a habit of doing that here:

mkdir /var/ftp

cd /var/ftp

Then you “wget” the file which when I did this it was the 4.0.1 version:  wget

Then do:  dpkg -i openfire_4.0.1_all.deb

Go to your hostname in your browser and configure the install:  http://yourhostname:9090.  Note that if you want to access it in the future use port 9091, I think it’s disabled by default I’m not sure, I quickly used 9090, went through the install and then accessed it on 9091.  You’ll want to get a legit SSL cert too eventually.

Now, that we’ve got it installed and YES it’s that freaking easy.  Done!  You can do a command to see where it’s installed, “whereis openfire”.  Note those two paths.


Install a few pluggins, go to:  plugins > available plugins:  Fastpath Service, and Fastpath Webchat.  Where the HELL is the fastpath webchat plugin?  %&*#*’ing hell some moron in their infinite wisdom doesn’t list it on the plugins page!  Who knows why the gods themselves did so, supposedly because of technical security issues, whatever.  You need to go to the forums and download the stupid thing.  Can you believe that?  WTF!!!???  Here is the forum url:  Again, are you f’ing kidding me?  The war file is here: so you can go do this to “install” the plugin:

cd /usr/share/openfire/plugins


Done!  Now go to the “plugins” tab and you should see fastpath and fastpath webchat!

Now, go to the fastpath tab > create a workgroup > do your thing > put your user into that workgroup, I deleted all the default crap and made my own.  I can’t hold your hand too much on this one…it would take too long and I’m not that committed to hand holding – be a good admin and figure it out ;-)  I got you this far!


The next thing is your HTML for the “chat button” on your website.  See if you can see your jive script file here:  http://yourhostname:9090/webchat/jivelive.jsp

…I’ll finish this momentarily, I have to work on something else.