I found a cool utility called “Remote Reboot X” the other day and thought It deserved MORE than an honorable mention.  I didn’t read much about the application but I think it comes from – at least in part – Microsoft, thanks to their WSUS API.

Microsoft has a cool VB script you can call with the cscript command.  You can find the script source —> Here

What that script does is search for updates, downloads updates and then installs updates.  It’s quick and dirty and doesn’t allow you to control your options (as far as I know, I only fiddled with it).  What you can do is batch out a copy of the script to c:\temp on a remote machine then use psexec.exe to call that script.

If you’re looking for more control (and I know you are!) download a program called “Remote Reboot X“, brought to you by Doug Zuck.

The program was originally designed by Doug to just remotely reboot machines but he then added functionality to hook into WSUS and do what the Microsoft script does except with more control!

One note: The program needs psexec.exe in the same directory as RemoteRebootX.exe and you can get that —> Here.  Also note that the program creates a directory on the remote machine on the root of C, “C:\RR”.  If you’re all done you can delete that on the remote directory but there is a log you might want to check before doing so.

Great job on that helpful application Doug!