To all my brothers and sisters out in Internet land!  I had an unusual time finding this download, I finally found it on some obscure Micro$oft website but have since lost the actual link.  I tried to find the link for a colleague and I gave up shortly thereafter realizing I already had the file and that I could just send it to him.  If you’re looking for the RoboCopy Gui (which also includes robocopy.exe) get it here!

–> RoboCopy Gui

Robocopy is a great utility, it’s a bit more robust than xcopy, it has some great options like backup mode which from what I gather uses the system account to leverage shadow copy for backing up files with different permissions than the user you’re running your script with.  It’s good stuff all around.

Here’s an example robocopy script I happen to use, it backups up end user files once a week.  I run it 4 times per month and store the data in 4 different locations, week1, week2, etc, etc.  It backs user data up, then my next line says to move the log to a different location and finally it calls my email notifier letting me know the job was complete.

  • robocopy “\\myserver\users” “E:\myusers_Users_Backup\Week1″ /E /SEC /COPYALL /V /XO /LOG:”Week1_backup.log” /FFT /Z /B /ZB /R:10 /W:30
  • move /Y “C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator.MYDOMAIN\Application Data\Microsoft Robocopy GUI\Scripts\Week_1_backup.log” “E:\Users_Backup”
  • call “\\myserver\myshare\somesubfolder1\User Documents\Week_1_Email_Notification.vbs”