If you’ve ever joined a website like FaceBook, Linkedin, MySpace, etc and deleted, disabled or completely erased your account (there really is no such thing) then you’ve probably seen emails from colleagues, friends or associates from those website saying things like “We miss you come on back to xyz website” or “Hey, you’re missing all the great laughs from abc friends or groups on whatever website”.  Those aren’t exact quotes but they’re similarly framed to prod you into coming back onto their site as an active member.

These websites try to claw you back but don’t let them!  What I’d suggest doing is go into your email and specially BLOCK facebook.com (and the like) from sending you email ;-)

How to block senders in Yahoo Mail

How to block senders in Gmail

How to block senders in Windows Live Mail

…if there are any other free email apps or methods of blocking email you’d like to know about shoot me a message or just post your own “how to” in the comments section.

Now you’ll be safe and sound able to sleep at night totally guilt free!  I wonder if you could import a mass list of social networking sites you don’t want email from?  Hmmmmmm.