Technical stuff I’ve worked on, that I’m currently working on or trouble I’ve run into with possible solutions!

I’m currently working on this site to get my name out there which is something I don’t really want to do.  Alas, we’re in an age and culture that if you don’t shout from the mountain down in to the valley nobody hears you.  I’m going to try shameless self promotion to get ahead in life I guess…keep checking you’re sure to hear how it’s going!

Problems (Rants):

  • Categories aren’t working and for some unknown reason I keep spelling it “catAgories”, why when it’s catEgories?
  • Upgraded to the “latest build” of WordPress, upgrade went smooth (Good job WP people) but I get a lot of errors in my theme, not good!
  • I noticed my theme of choice doesn’t look good in IE so apparently M$ (Microsoft) still hasn’t gotten on board with propper CSS standards.  In my full time job I’m a Windows Admin but I still like to beat up Microsoft a bit even though their stuff is for the most part worth the money (depending on what you’re getting).


My server (BigBoy where I host sites for $10 bucks / month) is rockin, I have about 8 sites hosted currently (Update that to 14 sites and room for plenty more!).  It’s on a VMware Virtual server where I also have other stuff running but you’d NEVER know it unless I told you.

  • CentOS running CPanel for hosting sites
  • 2 Ubuntu Servers running BIND DNS for hosting sites
  • Server 2008 running WSUS and soon to be whatever version of Sharepoint is out
  • 2 Server 2003 (A colleague of mine is running a production backup software and I can’t remember what else)
  • 1 Server 2003 testing server for some application migration of Peach Tree to MAS 90.  I wouldn’t recommend either product to anyone honestly reasons for which I’ll post sometime soon!
  • 1 XP Pro SP3 workstation I use to manage the server using VMWare’s Virtual Center client

So although WordPress is acting up it’s off the ground and it’s hosted on a rock solid server which I also leverage for other things.


I also forgot to mention, this site is done with WordPress as are other sites I manage…but not everything!  I did use Joomla! but I think WordPress has a simple elegance and layout that Joomla just doesn’t.  If you aren’t using WorePress I’d encourage you to check it out.