How to call up Ubuntu system information summary

I thought I’d quickly throw this out there.  When I log onto an Ubuntu server (10.04 LTS anyway) I see an interesting screen with:

  System load:  0.26                                   Processes:           232
Usage of /:   82.3% of 526.50GB        Users logged in:     1
Memory usage: 12%                                IP address for eth0: x.x.x.x
Swap usage:   0%                                       IP address for eth1: x.x.x.x

I found that interesting and useful so I was wondering how to call it up at any time.  I found a howtogeek post here <–

That didn’t particularly help me much since I wasn’t trying to change the MOTD, I just wanted to figure out how it was generated and call it back up if I wanted to.  What was useful were some of the comments.  A user named “WIC” said:

“What worked for me (on Ubuntu 10.10 Server) was editing /etc/update-motd.d/00-header to fit my needs, and a chmod -x 10-help-text to get rid of that part..”

That’s exactly what I needed was a point in the right direction, I then did:

cd /etc/update-motd.d/

I noticed:  50-landscape-sysinfo -> /usr/share/landscape/landscape-sysinfo.wrapper

I then did:  cat /usr/share/landscape/landscape-sysinfo.wrapper

…which revealed the script ;)

Looks like they grep your processor cpu information, processor load average but they also have a “/usr/bin/landscape-sysinfo” script.  You can cat that too so you can see the python script but…if you want to call that handy system summary window up again simply run: