Verifying DMI Data Pool… – your system can’t boot and is stuck or hangs

I was working on a system with a Gigabyte motherboard in it this weekend and I changed the disk config from a single disk to a two disk RAID1 mirror.  I was getting the black boot up BIOS screen that said:  “Verifying DMI Data Pool…” and it just sat there, wouldn’t move.

After referencing a few sites…as usual NOBODY really answers this problem in a clear and concise manner.

The problem:

The problem is, your boot device config – oddly enough when you hit “del” to get into the BIOS there’s a boot order and the list looked long.  I had it on “CDrom” I think it was but there’s stuff in there like “Hard Disk”, “L120”, etc.  What I had to do was pick the DVD-RW (odd, I’ve never seen that.  Usually it’s very “generic” and it’s DVD or CD, Disk, USB, etc) but this BIOS has very specific information.  Look for your special specific devices you want to boot in the list.  I believe the “L120” is your RAID controller so if you’ve got a new RAID setup, choose that as the secondary boot option.

A few posts online pointed me in the right direction but they weren’t specific enough.  The whole DMI Data Pool problem is all about the boot device and it can’t find one!

Here are the referenced sites I looked at but no need to go there, above is a clear answer ;-)!!