Are you looking for the Windows live mail auto complete database file location?  Then you’ve found the right place!

It’s here or in a spot similar since your SID will be different than the one I have listed:

C:\Users\odlprofilehere\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Live Contacts\{262c4685-xx99-6666-blah-moreblahblah}\DBStore

C:\Users\newprofilehere\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Live Contacts\{12168aeb-uu88-9999-blah-moreblahblah}\DBStore

I had used the Windows 7 migration tool called “Easy Transfer” although it was fairly easy it didn’t transfer everything.  So Micro$oft lets rename it the “Fairly Easy Transfer” utility!  The one thing it didn’t pickup was the Windows Live Mail auto complete database so who can really complain?  :)

What I did was close Windows Mail, opened two instances of Explorer so I had each afore mentioned  folder side by side.  I then renamed:

Backup———–> Backup_old
LogFiles———-> LogFiles_old
contacts.edb—-> contacts.edb_old <–I think this is the only one that truly matters
contacts.pat—–> contacts.pat_old
dbstore.ini——-> dbstore.ini (I didn’t think I needed to rename this one)
edb.chk  ———-> edb.chk_old

I then copied them from “C:\Users\odlprofilehere…” to “C:\Users\newprofilehere…”

* I’d also like to mention that you might have several folders with the funky SID (Security ID) numbers in your profile “Windows Live Contacts” folder.  What you have to do then is figure out which one is the newest and the ONLY way I could do it is by checking the date on “contacts.edb“.  I don’t truly know if anything but the “contacts.edb” file matters, I suspect the ONLY file that’s important is the “contacts.edb” file but I didn’t spend time figuring it out.

Reopen Windows Mail and test it out by beginning to type in an email address, you should see the drop down you’re used to!

As always feel free to comment or add your own tip if you have a different experience!